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not "small batch"

Foggy Swamp Coffee provides high quality coffee at competitive prices, highlights the process of the farmers, and fosters a community of coffee drinkers.


The way most people think about coffee differs from the way Foggy Swamp Coffee thinks. While lots think of coffee as fuel, we think of coffee as an experience. The coffee available to most of us is of a poor quality, taste, and origin, comparative to Specialty grade coffee. Lower Central America is widely considered the best coffee region, due to its exclusivity and favorable altitude. Foggy Swamp will be a pioneer by allowing more people, locally and nationwide, to experience specialty coffee from the best regions in the world.

We recognize that we are far from being the sole roaster in the region. Thus, to engage every single coffee lover, Foggy Swamp will be a pivotal piece in continuing and broadening the community-wide love for coffee by organizing coffee related events in the Greater Gainesville area. Stay tuned for updates!

Foggy Swamp Coffee often offers select coffees that are processed in unique ways. We will continue to search for and experiment with alternate forms of processing for coffee. We want to be anything but a regular coffee roastery. 

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